Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gym socks, dogwoods, and the NFL Draft: Smells like… springtime!!!

Hello again, everyone, and welcome back for another edition of the Mako Manifesto!

As I sit here in front of my computer, lacing up my sneakers for yet another agonizing trot through the land of sweat, shin splints, and pollen, it occurs to me that perhaps I should stop being so selfish with my ever-pressing desire for pre-summer weight-loss, and instead devote that time to keeping you informed on all things Makoverse!  (HAAA… I do love it when I can rationalize procrastination!)

So, here goes…

Book Two Update

With my vacation to Florida now in the rearview, I’m back in NC and officially off to the races with the second book in the Mako trilogy.  Presently under the working title of Red Sky Dawning, (Stormfront was just too blah), the story will pick up some years after the events of Mako, and delve heavily into the stories of some of the other characters, as well as the real nuts and bolts of the war.  Fear not, though… everyone is back, as are a handful of new characters, one of whom just so happens to be named Summerston.  ;)

Mako takes to audio

As an avid reader/listener of audiobooks, this is something I’m REALLY stoked about.  I’ve partnered with the good folks at Audiobook Creative Exchange (a branch of Amazon) and ABW Voiceovers to have Mako produced into an audiobook.  To date, we’re about halfway through the production process, and if all goes well, Mako should hit Audible, Amazon, and the iTunes Store sometime in May/June respectively. 

Stay tuned!

Mako in the news

It’s always fun to see one’s name in lights, though that’s particularly true when those lights are powered by the school paper of one’s alma mater.  As it turns out, the good folks at the FSView (my college paper from Florida State) took enough of an interest in me and my quirky little sci-fi project to pen a story on us.  Contents covered include a brief bio on my time at the school, a few blurbs about the book, some post-graduation advice to students, and finally some really nice tidbits on the charities I support.  

You can find the article in the Press Room on my website, or by simply clicking here.

Random musings: 2013 NFL Draft

Say what you will about Geno Smith, this year’s crop of quarterbacks is pretty weak, especially given the strength of last year’s.  That said, I’m gonna step out on a limb here and say my boy E.J. Manuel would look pretty snazzy in a Jaguars uniform if he’s still on the board at the top of the second round.  I know, I know, I bagged on the Jags pretty hard in my book (what do you expect from a lifelong Buccaneer?) but all jokes aside, Manuel was incredibly underutilized in his senior season at FSU, and while there are definite holes in his game, I firmly believe he could excel in a read-option system like the one Gus Bradley saw in Seattle with Russell Wilson.  Add to that the bargain price he’ll go for outside of the first round—not to mention the fact that Blaine Gabbert is total crap—and Jax would be stupid not to give E.J. a hard look at pick 33.

On the other hand, Jacksonville could just as easily go the route of Matt Barkley from USC, in which case expect the jokes to continue flying, both around the league and in my books.  Just sayin.’

Alright folks, this 80-degree heat ain’t gettin’ any cooler, and I’ve gotta squeeze in a run before the fam gets home; so let me jet!  Thanks as always for checking in, hope all is well wherever you are, and don’t forget to throw up an extra prayer tonight for the good people of Boston, and everyone else touched by the horrific events at this year’s marathon.

God bless, Beantown.